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Other Information

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem visit the Gamblers Anonymous website. There is help available and no one should be bound by a disease like compulsive gambling.

Most online casinos have a self exclude feature where if you think you have a problem or want a break from playing you can exclude yourself from the casino. By using the self exclude feature you block yourself from having access to the online casino and casino software. In most cases you can determine the length of time to exclude yourself. You can block your access to the casino forever or if you feel you just need a few days, weeks or months you can choose the appropriate timeframe to be self excluded.

When you use the self exclusion feature there is not a way to reverse it. Once you have excluded yourself from any particular online casino you will not be able to access the gaming software until the amount of time passes that you chose. The self exclude feature is a great tool to take control of your problem or to just give yourself a break from playing online.

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